On June 3rd, 2014, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) opened an election hotline for New Jersey Primary. This year’s primary election did not garner as much attention from the Korean American community as last year’s, accounting for low number of calls. A low voter turnout is also likely. KACE received a total of 10 phone calls. They were mainly from first-time voters, or voters enlisted in another political party other […]

  On June 2nd, 2014, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) attended the conference for Korean/Chinese Language Assistance Program hosted by the New York City Board of Elections. This conference has been held twice every year since the passage of Help America Vote Act in 2002, and serves to improve the voting process for minority groups. KACE put three items on the conference agenda. The first item addressed the difficulty that […]

On May 30th, 2014, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) conducted its 8080 Campaign at the KCS Flushing Senior Center, located in Flushing, NY. The “8080 Campaign” is part of KACE’s project for voting right advocacy, and aims to raise the percentage of registered Korean American voters and voting turnout to 80 percent. Korean American community can only be accepted and revered by the American society by exercising their voting rights. […]

On May 10th, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) held a voter registration drive in Fort Lee and Ridgefield H Mart. It is especially alarming that the voter registration deadline (May 13th) for the New Jersey primary election on June 3rd is coming up, but many Korean Americans are not aware of the election dates, the type of election, and whether there are Korean American candidates running in the election. 93 […]

From May 3rd to May 4th, 2014, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) promoted for its 8080 Campaign in Ridgefield H-Mart. On May 3rd, the members of  Korean American Senior Citizens’ Associaton of New Jersey supported the campaign efforts. With the voter registration deadline for New Jersey primary looming, KACE encouraged Korean Americans to exercise their voting rights and distributed voter registration forms and promotional materials.   KACE received 12 new […]

On March 28th at 11am, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) conducted its 8080 Campaign and HR1812 (Partner with Korea Act) Campaign at the Senior Center located in Flushing, NY. KACE President Dongchan Kim urged the 100 attendees to sign the petition for passage of HR1812, which would enable Korean professionals to work in the United States and improve the Korean American community economically. KACE also encouraged voter participation through 8080 […]

On March 5th, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) conducted voter registration drive as part of its 8080 Campaign effort, and petition drive for  East Sea Legislation at the Korean American Senior Center of Corona. KACE President Dongchan Kim explained the importance of voter registration and voting to 80 senior attendees. Petition drive in support of the East Sea legislation was also carried out. KACE received 14 new voter registrations and […]

On January 21, 2014, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) visited Evergreen Adult Care in Flushing as part of 8080 Campaign’s Voter Registration Initiative. This campaign was held from 9:30am to 10:30am for forty senior citizens. KACE President Dongchan Kim explained the electoral process in the United States, elections in 2014, and the importance of voting for fifteen minutes. Through this campaign, KACE distributed forty election guides and collected ten new […]

KACE Program Coordinator Chae No distributes formal complaints to members of the City Board of Elections. On January 10, 2014, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) attended the New York City Board of Elections’ Korean and Chinese Language Assistance Program (LAP) meeting. This meeting is held twice a year and is mandated by the the provisions of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002. During this meeting, KACE presented three […]

The elections in New York and New Jersey were quieter compared to the years prior. The greatest reason for this was that the outcome was obvious even before the polls were opened to the public. New York City’s mayoral election was a special sort: the incumbent, Michael Bloomberg, was not able to run for re-election and there were 20 candidates running for the same seat. However, Public Advocate Bill de […]

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