Students of the 2016 KACE Grassroots Internship Program at the NYS Statehouse with Assembly Member Ron Kim

Application is now open for the 2017 KACE Grassroots Internship Program.

Since its launch in 2006, our annual high school internship program has been joined by over 200 high school students in New York and New Jersey. The 2017 KACE Grassroots Internship Program is a unique opportunity to experience first-hand community organization through grassroots civic participation. Under supervision, students will take on research projects on various issues within our community and lead public campaigns to raise awareness and reach solutions. Students with demonstrated interest in public policy and politics have greatly enjoyed our program, but the 2017 KACE Grassroots Internship Program is open to all students interested in civic empowerment of our community.

Through an application and interview process, 20 students will be selected for each New York and New Jersey. There is no fee required for the 22-week summer internship (except for a field trip to Washington, D.C.), and those who successfully complete the program are eligible for the President’s Volunteer Service Award, as well as several letters of recognition from elected officials.

Application can be downloaded on and are due April 7th, by email at “”

The 2017 KACE Grassroots Internship Program is structured as below:

Pre-Session (Weekly Meeting, May 26th – June 23rd)

  • Asian American & Korean American History
  • Structure of Local, State, and Federal Government
  • Exploration of the Korean American Identity
  • Individual & Small Group Research

Summer Session (20 hours/week, June 30th – August 31st)

  • 2017 Korean American Grassroots Conference in Washington, D.C. (July 24th – 26th)
  • Field Trip to Capitol Hill & Meeting with Members of Congress
  • Field Trip to New York and New Jersey Statehouses & Meeting with Members of the State Legislature
  • Field Trip to New York City Hall & Meeting with Members of the City Council
  • Field Trip to Bergen County Government & Meeting with Elected Officials of the County
  • Voter Registration & Community Education Efforts
  • Presentation of Individual & Small Group Research

Post-Session (Weekly Meeting, September 8th – October 28th)

  • Discussion, Seminar, and Workshop on Real-Life Application of Education Material

All inquiries regarding the program: or (201) 488-4201. Please visit our Facebook page to check out the pictures from the 2016 KACE Grassroots Internship Program.

Download the application:

NEW YORK OFFICE: 163-10 NORTHERN BLVD. #307 FLUSHING, NY 11358 TEL: (718) 961-4117 FAX: (718) 961-4603