On June 1st, 2017, in preparation for New Jersey’s Primary Election on June 6th, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) released its Korean American Voter Data Analysis for New Jersey. This data report will explain the significance of the statistical figures on Korean American civic engagement in New Jersey, and reveal the potential for political empowerment of our community.

Using the 2016 General Election voter data sets obtained from the New Jersey Division of Elections, KACE filtered the voter data to analyze Korean American registered voters in New Jersey. With a count of 30,277 Korean American registered voters, there is an increase of 1,500 voters when compared with the data obtained from the 2016 Primary Election. Having utilized the most recent data available, the current Korean American voter registration rate in New Jersey is at 54.0%, with the turn-out rate at 56.3%.

Despite the increase and indication of the great potential for political empowerment, it is evident that there is still a need for more active political participation when compared to New Jersey State’s voter registration rate of 82% and voter turn-out rate of 70%.

58% of New Jersey’s Korean American registered voters (17,549) reside in Bergen County. Since the 2016 Primary Election, there is a 7.9% increase in the number of Korean American registered voters in Bergen County. Likewise, the number of Korean American registered voters by congressional district, legislative district and municipality, has shown an increase.

In terms of enrollment in a political party, 57% of New Jersey’s Korean American registered voters are unaffiliated. Unlike other states with closed primaries, voters in New Jersey who are unaffiliated with any political party may declare either Republican or Democrat at the polls on the day of the primary election. This goes to show how voting policies (specifically for Primary Elections) vary across states.

In addition, KACE operates a voter hotline to resolve any issues and concerns a voter may have during the Primary Election on June 6th at (347)-755-5223.

This year’s Primary Election will feature five Korean American candidates:

  • Margaret Ahn: Republican candidate for New Jersey’s 37th Legislative District
  • Jenny Jung: Democratic candidate for New Jersey’s 39th Legislative District
  • Paul Yoon: Democratic candidate for Fort Lee Council
  • Gloria Oh: Democratic candidate for Englewood Cliffs Council
  • Miriam Yoo: Democratic candidate for Oradell Council

For any inquiries on candidates on the ballot, contact KACE through the voter hotline at (347)-755-5223.

Voting is a valuable right that we, as Korean Americans, have. As long as this country has existed, communities like ours have had to fight for the right to vote. The upcoming Primary Election is an opportunity for our community to stand up and vote to preserve this right.

Access our 2017 New Jersey Korean American Voter Data Analysis Below:

2017 New Jersey Korean American Voter Data Analysis – Korean

2017 New Jersey Korean American Voter Data Analysis – English

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