(Left to Right) Program Coordinator Theresa Lee, President of KACE Mr. Kim Dong Chan, and Program Coordinator Sungkwan Jang

(Left to Right) Program Coordinator Theresa Lee, President of KACE Mr. Kim Dong Chan, and Program Coordinator Sungkwan Jang

In light of the upcoming NY State Primary Election on September 13th, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) published a voter guidebook that covers candidate and district profiles of NYS legislative districts with the most Korean American residents. (Senate Districts 5, 7, 11, 12, and 16 / Assembly Districts 13, 16, 25, 26, and 40) This guidebook also includes a brief analysis of Korean American voters in each district.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, 42% of all candidates in this year’s state primary election will be elected unopposed. This trend applies to most districts with a prominent Korean American populations and will not hold a primary election this month.

Our analysis shows that Senate District 16, with a Korean American candidate this year, is also home to the most Korean American voters with 7,401 registered. In the 2014 primary election, the Korean American turnout rate in this district came out to be 16.5%, surpassing the district-wide turnout rate of 6.5%.

While the numbers of registered Korean American voters in nearly all districts across Queens have slightly increased from last year, Senate District 16 and Assembly District 40, both encompassing Flushing, saw a small decline. “Many of Korean American voters in greater Flushing are senior citizens, and there also seems to be a trend of Korean Americans moving out of Flushing to surrounding areas lately,” evaluated Mr. Dongchan Kim, president of KACE.

Further, president Kim shared that “many inquiries coming into our voter hotline lately are in regards to party affiliation change; however, we caution that party affiliation change becomes effective after the general election in November by New York State election law.”

In an effort to encourage active electoral participation of the Korean American community and to keep our community informed, KACE publishes and distributes every year a voter guide book in New York and New Jersey prior to elections. After the NY State Primary Elections this month, KACE plans to publish its annual Korean American Voter Data Analysis in preparation for the general elections in November.

Although the deadline for voter registration for the upcoming primary is past, the deadline for general elections is October 14th in New York and October 18th in New Jersey. Visit http://us.KACE.org to check your voter registration status. To register to vote or inquire about voting and elections, call us at the KACE voter hotline (347) 766-5223. (English and Korean.)

Visit the link below to download the 2016 NY State Primary Election Guide Book.

2016년 뉴욕주 상하원 예비선거 가이드 북 [PDF]

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