“The Story of How Americans Became Pushovers and Doctors Became Slaves” – Dongchan Kim

Nowadays, I am hesitant to go to see the doctors. It is not that I do not have a health insurance; I am paying a higher insurance fee than I did a few years ago. Yet, a visit to a doctor’s office further entails a co-pay and a deductible. Although I have purchased a health insurance not only to prepare myself for a medical emergency but also because to avoid an accrued penalty, it is actually much cheaper to pay for each doctor’s visit by cash. It is assumable that there are many doctors who are still perplexed by the current health care situation—perhaps, they may be questioning why the insurance companies are delaying or declining their reimbursement for patients.

The Democratic Party has shellacked in the 2014 midterm election. Should this pattern continue, it is not surprising to see the Democrats fail miserably again in the upcoming presidential election. The Obama administration and the Democratic Party have pushed to re-shape the national healthcare system because it was apparent that America, the leading country in the world, was falling behind South Korea’s healthcare system.

Initially, the healthcare reform act was met with a cold reception by the insurance companies. But determined to use this as an opportunity to bring about a change, the insurance companies devoted themselves to lobby the federal government and the congressmen irrespective of their parties. From an idealistic point of view, the healthcare reform act was for the benefit of the whole nation. But from the private sector’s perspective, it was a lucrative opportunity in disguise.

Essentially, the Obama administration and the Democratic Party desired a reformation. However, the four-year administration and the political circles could not overcome the calculating scheme of the peddling insurance companies and ultimately brought forth a retrogressive not progressive revision of the healthcare system.

There is a saying that refers to such a situation; “One man sows and another man reaps.” In the 2014 midterm election, despite their assiduous efforts, the Democratic Party experienced the biggest defeat in the American election history. What remains worrisome is the fact that efforts to reform America continue to bring a change for the worse. Such unfortunate phenomenon is indicative that America is aging as a country. Can America really modify its aged structure and turn over a new leaf? Can the Democratic Party or the Republican Party reform the deteriorated system and better the well-being of the Americans? Perhaps the Republicans will carry the momentum to butcher the so called “ObamaCare”. Because the issue plays a vital role in deciding the results of the upcoming presidential election and the number of seats in the federal congress, the doctors and Americans will continue to be adversely affected by the fluctuations in the healthcare policy.

The problem not only lies in the insurance companies—it lies in the underlying tendency of people to exploit the benefit whenever a significant change is brought forth. It is evident that America is in the process of aging, but overcoming it depends on the determination and volition of the citizens. Do we want to live as pushovers of the insurance companies? If we don’t, then we clearly need to support the congressmen who can represent us on our behalf. Doctors, do you want to live as slaves for the insurance companies? If you don’t, then you should actively cooperate to cause an action. Unless we act proactively, citizens will degenerate into pushovers and the doctors will become slaves for the money-seeking insurance corporations.

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