The most addicted audience of the popular DVD rental company, Netflix’s political thriller drama “House of Cards” might just well be President Obama. It’s been said that President Obama contacted the producer of the show, and pleaded him to facilitate the showing of the next episode, which is originally supposed to air in 2015. It’s not only President Obama who is crazy about this drama; Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill Clinton are also enthusiasts of the show. Xi Jinping, the current head of the Chinese communist party, is also a big fan. The topic of “House of Cards” is recurrent even in summits of world leaders. And the release of the first season of “House of Cards” caused a surge of popularity. Even I admit that, after the “Hourglass,” I spent the most time watching the screenplay of this drama.

The story is about the conflict between Washington’s politicians and Frank Underwood who, after progressing from being representative of the house and vice president, is now the president. The main character Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is a president who, for his self-interest, murders people, conspires and manipulates the press with uncanny ease. He uses people as tools and when they are of no use to him, he kills them- even if they are loyal supporters or a lover.  His wife Claire is also crazy about authority, like his husband. Her ambitions manifests from her sole desire to become first lady- for this goal, she becomes overly cynical. Frank endlessly rushes for his desire for authority. He claims that democrats are highly overrated and discredits them saying how only those who are willing to lobby or do something illegal will inevitably come out on top. Ironically, Frank utilizes conspiracies and sneaky tactics to become the president. This drama is a candid representation of the weakness of American democracy, revealing how there isn’t any politician who becomes anxious when it comes to voters’ or his/her country’s benefits.


Last Thursday (the 19th),  there was an election to appoint the heads of the republican party in the federal house. The leader of the “Young Guns”, Kevin Mccarthy was appointed as head. The formerly untouchable, Eric Cantor was outed, losing in the primary rounds and stepped down. And so, the federal party became disordered as a fight for authority erupted. After a week-long tumult, Kevin McCarthy from California, who has only been an active congressman for 9 years, became the representative of the ruling party. All the media went to Hollywood, instead of going to the new ruling federal party’s grand general; instead of interviewing Kevin McCarthy, the interviewers went to Kevin Spacey (who plays the main role of Frank Underwood in the drama “ House of Cards”). Kevin Spacey claimed that he was “mentored” by Kevin McCarthy. He said that it may not be far-fetched to say that his role is McCarthy’s character. Susan Davis, reporter of US today, explained how congressman McCarthy stays overnight sleeping on the sofa in his office (perhaps deliberately), and meets with 23 of his fellow congressmen for many “urgent reasons”. Doing so, he appeals to his fellow congressmen and makes them his strong supporters. It is not hard to see that the main character of the drama “House of Cards”, Frank Underwood, obviously models Kevin McCarthy.

Kevin McCarthy who became the representative of the republic congressmen is a man with overwhelmingly good fortunes. He was born in 1965 and entered the federal house in 2006. McCarthy’s political innitiavive took place when he was in college. When he was 19, he won a lottery of 5000 dollars which was issued by California’s housing department. With that money, he bought a deli. He then entered college with the money he earned from the deli. In college, he entered the “National Young Republicans”, which with his born political senses, he became the chairman of the club. In the middle 1990s, he came across the opportunity to become a professional politician. He caught the eyes of Carl Reve, who had the main role in making Bush’s family in Texas “invade” the white house twice.  After selling his deli, he registered for the state chairman’s election and was elected. After that he became the secretary of Bill Thomas who was very famous in the federal house at the time. In 2006, when Bill Thomas announced his resignation, he took a position amongst the federal congressmen. When Bill Thomas entered Washington, Eric Cantor from Virginia and Paul Ryan from Wisconsin congregated their efforts with Bill Thomas and worked together for similar interests. These three congressmen became allies and formed the group “Young Guns”. The Young Guns Project revitalized young republicans in the political field. It appealed among the white middle class population and led to the manifestation of the Tea Party. These three had great synergy and became a prominent political force. The flag of the republic revolution, which was lead by the three, appealed to the off-year election in 2010. As they take back the ruling party in house from the democratic party in 2006, the eldest of the 3, Cantor became the head. Mccarthy became the floor leader. Paul became head of a budget committee and candidate for vice president in 2012. This is ultimately the story of how Kevin Mccarthy who didn’t even pass his 9th year in Washington became grand general.

This compares the federal houses’ new head with politicians in the thriller drama “House of Cards”. This is today’s political reality in Washington.. As elected officers actions reflect whether the voters chose right or wrong,  could we say we are free from the responsibility of this political situation?

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