Hugo Jimenez

Councilman Hugo Jimenez of Ridgefield visited Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) for an interview regarding his current stance in the community on July 24, 2013.

He was elected in 2010 with the purpose to see that the taxes collected from the residents of Ridgefield find a purpose with improvement. During his years in office, he has become the Chairman of the Finance committee to stabilize the taxes. While he was in this position, taxes have only increased 1.7% in Ridgefield.

On top of the taxes issues, he has been well on top of helping the community through environmental factors. He sees that the parks need to improve as well as the necessity of replacing the fire engine and the ambulance. Ridgefield also started a redevelopment project that consists of developing an empty lot in Ridgefield for businesses in town which would help the economy. Up until now, Ridgefield citizens have only spent money on getting professionals to agree to this project and no major movement towards the project beginning has been made. Jimenez wants to make sure that this project makes some progress and continue brainstorming ideas to keep this moving. Yet another project that Jimenez is eager to continue working on is the rebuilding of the town hall.

Social services regarding the health of the citizens is vital. Ridgefield has a Health Fair in which flyers are sent out in Spanish, English, and Korean. In this fair, citizens can check their cholesterol , test blood pressure, receive flu shots and rabies shots, and other health concerns. There is a charter bus to the mall available for the citizens.

Regarding the Korean-Americans in Ridgefield, Jimenez is quite concerned with the language barrier as 30% of the Korean population deal with this issue. However, Ridgefield is fortunate enough to have Councilman Dennis Shim translating for the large Korean population. They are continuing to hire more Korean translators to bring down that percentage and hopefully have communication flowing smoothly between the two nationalities. As well as Korean translators, Jimenez is willing to hire qualified candidates as long as they are considered qualified and recommended by the chief.

On top of the language barrier, Jimenez finds that the property taxes paid by homeowners are a major issue. This not only addresses the concerns of the Korean-Americans, but also everyone in Ridgefield. They have reached out to Dennis and other council members to relieve these issues. In hopes of re-election, Jimenez wishes to collaborate up with the board of education to help the students who will be affected by this situation as well.

Jimenez “wants to keep this town moving forward” and is now running for re-election. He hopes that he can continue to help Ridgefield, the town in which he originated from.

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