image001Councilwoman Ila Kasofsky of Fort Lee visited Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) for an interview regarding her current stance in the community on August 6, 2013.

She has been councilwoman for the past 12 years and has been working toward keeping Fort Lee green, making the citizens safe and healthy, ensuring government transparency and keeping taxes as low as we can humanly keep them. During her years in office, she has tackled several projects in order to improve Fort Lee.

The main issue that Councilwoman Ila Kasofsky has focused on is reducing costs, keeping taxes low and lowering the borough’s debts. The borough has switched to a new health plan and new prescription plan for borough workers to keep costs down. The borough has also lowered the bond debt by 18 million dollars. In addition, Councilwoman Ila Kasofsky has constantly searched for grants to fund borough projects. The borough is about to hire a grant writing company, which would research and apply to various grants.

She has advocated for making the community more environmentally friendly, and due to her efforts, Fort Lee has received a Bronze Level award in Sustainable New Jersey. In the future, she plans on constructing a community vegetable garden which would be funded by a ten thousand dollar grant from Walmart. Councilwoman Ila Kasofsky has already selected an area and hopes to donate the produce to the senior center’s pantry. Over the years, she has been able to upgrade various parks by hiring an in-house engineer, an engineer who works for the borough. By hiring an in-house engineer, the borough does not need to hire large engineering firms and is able to save money.

Councilwoman Ila Kasofsky has recognized the necessity for bilingual Korean Americans in public services. Various Korean Americans are already working for the borough: in the library there is a trustee named Kathy Lee, in the health department, there are 2 Korean workers and inspectors, in the police department, there are 3 police officers and 2 more enrolled in the Police Academy, 1 translator in the local court system, and finally there is 1 Korean American communications worker for 911. Recently, another health board member department has passed away and Councilwoman Ila Kasofsky has advocated and insisted on a Korean American replacement. She has suggested that either a Korean doctor or a pharmacist will be selected for the position.

Councilwoman Ila Kasofsky has lived in Fort Lee since 1989. Elected in 2001, she has been serving as Fort Lee councilwoman for 12 years. She is now running for re-election. She hopes that she can continue her efforts in improving Fort Lee.

fort lee council president

[KACE interns and Fort Lee President Ila Kasofsky(in the middle)]

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