Leonia Council Candidate Darryl Whitter (Democratic)

July 23, 2013, Leonia Democratic Candidate Darryl Whitter visited KACE to outreach to Korean American voters.


Darryl Whitter has a long history in Leonia. Living there for 29 years, he was elected Councilman in 2009 and this fall, he will run for a second term. He has also served as a member on the Board of Education for 10 years, coached young women’s softball for 6 years, and worked 28 years in Verizon Communications by providing services to Fortune 500 companies. As a graduate of Pratt University in Brooklyn, he majored in mathematics.


If he is elected for a second term, he will focus on boosting the economy of Leonia. To sustain the growing population, he finds that economic growth is necessary and sees small businesses as vital parts of the community. As a member of the economic development committee, Whitter plans to attract more people to the town’s industrial district to support the local economy.


Small businesses, Whitter recognizes, are vital to the community in Leonia because the industrial district supports many of them. Therefore he will help small business owners by helping to increase population of people 50 years and older vertically. This will spark economic growth because these citizens tend to shop locally and support local programs. Whitter believes this will help small businesses prosper and also provide economic growth to the town as a whole.


Whitter recognizes the huge Korean American presence in Leonia. He stated that there are around 3,800 Korean residents in the town, although some other statistics may skew the data. This is around 30-40% of the total 10,000-11,000 populace. Therefore Whitter realizes that attending to Korean Americans’ issues is important.


One specific instance of his attention to the Korean Americans in Leonia is the math/science academy in the town high school. Knowing that Korean Americans are very interested in high levels of education, he helped create a higher end program in Leonia High School to tend to this issue.


Currently, Darryl Whitter stated that there is one Korean American police officer in Leonia and one in the Board of Education. If he is to be elected, he agrees that it is important to include Korean Americans in public officer positions.


Lastly, he stated that Korean Americans should vote for him because he can relate to them and vice versa. As a minority, he understands that it is difficult getting your voice out amongst the majority. Therefore, he states that he will be an ally to the minority and the Korean Americans.
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[Council Candidate Darryl Whitter(Center) & KACE interns From Left to Right : Christine Park, Shena Sung, Dahhoon Jeong, Tommy Do, Yangha Kim, Matt Kim, and Sarah Park]

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