Bergen County Freeholder Candidate John D. Mitchell (Republican)

July 10, 2013, Freeholder Candidate John Mitchell visited KACE to outreach to Korean American voters.

John D. Mitchell was the Chairman of the Bergen County Freeholders. He resides in Cliffside Park and has been living there for many years. He was first elected to the Board of Chosen Freeholders in November 2010, and served his first term as Chairman Pro Tempore in 2011. Mitchell was unanimously elected as Freeholder Board Chairman in 2012.

John Mitchell is running for Freeholder because he wants to continue his support of ethnic diversity, create jobs, aid small businesses, and finish his plans to help the Korean American community. This is his second time running for the position, so he has experience and an extensive list of past accomplishments.


Mitchell is focused on three main projects and priorities: creating jobs, encouraging small businesses, and supporting education. Having a business mindset and experiences in the field, he believes that creating jobs is one of the most important ways to revitalize the community. He also maintains that small businesses are a vital part of the society, and that giving tax cuts (as he did before) to them will encourage more people to start businesses and hire more people. Finally, he has helped the education system of Bergen County; for example, he has helped create a better business program in the community college. He aims to continue his support for these three points that he considers to be most important for the people.

John Mitchell is aware that Bergen County, with a large population of over 900,000 residents, has a thriving Korean American population that makes up around 6%. Not only does he see the statistics of the growing Korean population, he witnesses it in his life. Cliffside Park is a town with an Asian population of 13% and 55% of those Asians being Korean. Therefore Mitchell is immersed in the Korean culture in many aspects of his life.

He has supported the Korean American community in the past. Mitchell is most notable for leading the erecting of the Comfort Women Memorial in Hackensack, NJ. Going as far as researching and reading about Comfort Women during the World War 2, he went great lengths to build this memorial. He received letters from Japanese people in opposition, but he supported the Comfort Women memorial because of his knowledge on the subject.

After the meeting with KACE, John Mitchell believes that having Korean Americans in public officer positions is important. He acknowledges that the number should be greater because Bergen County is very heavily populated with Koreans. With more public officers able to speak and understand Korean, Mitchell believes that the Korean American community will benefit. Although he cannot hire them himself, he will push to give more opportunities to them. When it comes to hiring more public officers in Bergen County, he believes that Korean Americans are his top priorities.

Overall, John Mitchell has helped the community in many ways including the Bergen Wellness Program, which allows people to purchase drugs and other necessities with a significant discount. Along with that, he works to revitalize small businesses and owners by cutting taxes and minimizing regulation. He has over 200 meetings with small business owners, and over 50 of them were Korean Americans; he strives to give them more opportunities. Finally, he has helped the elderly because he believes it’s important for the younger generation to help the older. All of these elements apply to the Korean American community as well and he aims to further create beneficial programs for Bergen County as a Freeholder.


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