‘Japanese Army Comfort Women Memorial problem has spread to American society, criticizing Japan’s memorial removal request in New Jersey Palisades Park and not apologizing to comfort women, which led to condemnation of barbaric and inhumane actions of Japan .

On June 13th 2012, U.S Representative Bill Pascrell from New Jersey visited the comfort women memorial, which was erected by local Korean-Americans citizens’ lead, in front of Palisades Park Library, and said “This memorial should not be removed because of humanity’s peace and promotion of human rights” and added, “Japan, who requested the memorial to be removed, should acknowledge and apologize for the comfort women issue.”

Representative Bill Pascrell agreed to the ‘Japanese Army Comfort Women Resolution’ back in 2007. It is said that Pascrell had visited the comfort women memorial was because the fact that Japanese government requested removal of memorial when the resolution was passed unanimously.

On this day, Pascrell knelt down to read the phrase of memorial. ‘They endured human rights violations that no peoples should have unrecognized. Let us never forget the horrors of crimes against humanity.’ Upon reading this phrase responded, “This phrase tells the exact reason why the memorial was built” and added “Requesting to remove an educational memorial that tells our future generations about peace and human right is outrageous.”

Representative Pascrell said, “I read about Japan requesting the removal of memorial in the newspaper. We have to spread the truth of comfort women issue to the world like the phrase of the memorial so it does not happen again. I visited the memorial to emphasize that,” and analyzed, “James Rotundo, Palisades Park’s Mayor, has made a sensible and firm decision.”

Pascrell promised to make effort to resolve the Korean and Japanese governments’ comfort women issue in the view of conscience of mankind in House of Representative.

Representative Pascrell said, “Today (June 13th) is Mother’s day. I visited today to cheer for comfort women victims. I respect Korean-American community which constructed comfort women memorial to tell the world about importance of human rights and brutality towards comfort women. I think Korean-American community and I can together make healthier and more beautiful society.”

Representative Pascrell is battling with Steve Rothman on June 5th during Democratic preliminary election in district 9, a Korean concentrated community. On the other side, New York councilman Peter Koo received recommendation from Korean-American Civic Empowerment to construct the 2nd and 3rd comfort women memorial in Flushing area and naming a street in Flushing to ‘Comfort Women Memorial Street’. Japanese citizens, who found out these facts, have been sending letters to Dan Halloran New York City councilman, etc to disrupt the process and are being criticized by United States’ politicians. 


Taken from May 14th, 2012 New York Il bo. Article by Ui Yong Song
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