On July 13th 2012, New York and New Jersey Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) interns attended seminar, "World, Korea, and Korea-Japan" with students from Consul General Internship Program. 
Total 25 KACE interns visited Korean Consulate General in Manhattan, New York and met Young-mok Kim Consul General, and listened his seminar.
This seminar was conducted in Korean, and Consul General talked about problems in global economy, lack of labor, gap between rich and poor, and factors that will affect our next generation. 
Consul General also explained about government's debt, people's debt, corporation's debt, and bank's debt by comparing Korea to other countries. Furthermore, he spoke about the debt of Ireland and other European nations', which they cannot handle by now, is a leading cause of danger in current global economy.
Consul General Young-mok Kim argued about the problems of low birth rate and aging population in Kore. He predicts, in next  50 years, the labor force will dramatically decrease. Therefore, we need a different plan. 
In addition, Counsul General announced about Korea's trade system and results of KORUS FTA. He said KORUS FTA gives a lot of benefit to Korea, and right after KORUS FTA, Korea had a surplus of approximately $6 Billion. Furthermore, as the position of the US, that Korea is an important economic partner. He explained Korea's strength that 10 industry goes to world's 5 most industry. Small countires such as Korea cannot be this strong.
Counsul General asked KACE interns why Koreans have more interest in East Sea and Dokdo than the Comfort Women issue going on. His answer was because Koreans talked about maritime territorial sovereignty and its economic benefit, and explained many strong Asian nations' maritime fight. Also many Koreans believe that Japan is as small as Korea, however, Japan is made up by many small islands, which makes itself a huge marine territory. 
Lastly, he emphasized about the relationship between Korea and Japan. He said, "In friendly relations, we should be nice to each other or fight against each other depending on the situation. Korea will continue to fight against Japan to gain other resources, but at the same time, we should be friendly to Japan." 
Counsul General's seminar educated our KACE interns about Korea's phase and Korea's government.
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