October 20, 2012, New Jersey US Senator Robert Menendez, running the re-election at the 2012 November General Election, sent a message to Korean American voters and asked to vote for him. At this November Election, voters can vote for one seat of the New Jersey US Senator. Like other states, there are two US Senators for New Jersey. The term for the US Senator is 6 years. Robert Menendez (Democrat), incumbent, and Joseph Kyrillos (Republican), challenger and current New Jersey State Senator, are running for the New Jersey US Senator candidates for the term from 2013 to 2018.

Robert Menendez US Senator sent a message like below to Korean American voters. Menendez US Senator told what are the most important issues if he elected and why Korean American should vote for him. 

[English Orinal Message]

If re-elected, Senator Menendez would focus foremost on creating jobs for New Jersey, as he did when he supported the Recovery Act -– which led to New Jersey receiving more than $5 billion in key investments, and created or saved thousands of jobs in the Garden State -– and when he supported the recent transportation bill that will provide New Jersey with over $1 billion in transit funding and will protect or create more than 54,000 New Jersey jobs.

Since Senator Menendez understands that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, he supported legislation such as the HIRE Act – which encourages businesses to hire more workers through a payroll tax deduction – and the BioTax Credit, which provided $1 billion in tax credits for the most promising research projects proposed by small biotechnology businesses and will continue to support them through similar tax credits to encourage hiring, SBA direct low-interest loans to small businesses, and less burdensome regulations.

Senator Menendez will also continue to support programs to create more jobs for teachers, law enforcement officers, the renewable energy sector, and small businesses.

Senator Menendez will continue to fight to provide families with the quality, affordable healthcare they deserve through programs like the Affordable Care Act, which provides health insurance to two million more Asian-Americans who otherwise would not be covered and through the expansion of federal funding for research on debilitating diseases.

The Senator has voted to strengthen economic ties between America and Korea through legislation such as the Korea Free Trade agreement, which is expected to generate an estimated 70,000 jobs, increase U.S. exports by $11 billion annually, and boost the U.S. gross domestic product by nearly $12 billion.

Finally, as the son of immigrants, Senator Menendez strongly believes immigration is the cornerstone of our nation’s history and success and strongly supports the Dream Act. In fact, he successfully pushed the President to grant DREAM Act-eligible youth temporary relief through work permits.

Senator Menendez has also introduced and will continue to fight for a comprehensive, common sense immigration reform bill that keeps immigrant families together, offers a path to earned legalization, and secures our borders.

Korean Translated Message is also available from here.


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