October 20, 2012, New Jersey State Senator Joseph Kyrillos, a republican challenger for the New Jersey US Senate seat at the 2012 November General Election, sent a message to Korean American voters and asked to vote for him. At this November Election, voters can vote for one seat of the New Jersey US Senator. Like other states, there are two US Senators for New Jersey. The term for the US Senator is 6 years. Robert Menendez (Democrat), incumbent, and Joseph Kyrillos (Republican), challenger and current New Jersey State Senator, are running for the New Jersey US Senator candidates for the term from 2013 to 2018.

Joseph Kyrillos New Jersey State Senator sent a message like below to Korean American voters. Kyrillos State Senator  told what are the most important issues if he elected and why Korean American should vote for him. 

[English Original Message]

Unemployment is the greatest threat to the future of our country.  Washington must get its fiscal house in order, restore economic growth and create jobs.  That will be my number one priority as the next US Senator from New Jersey. I am the only candidate in this race to put forth a comprehensive jobs plan that holds the line on taxes so businesses can reinvest and expand; reduce over burdening regulation on small businesses and strengthen the ‘Buy America’ requirement for highways and infrastructure so we support American jobs.  My jobs plan will restore fiscal responsibility, reduce job-killing red tape, build a competitive workforce and restore America’s place as the home of innovation. With your support, we will unleash unprecedented economic growth that strengthens middle class families and creates good paying jobs.

Like many Korean Americans, my father immigrated to America in search of opportunity and a better life for his family. He worked hard, built a business and made it possible for me to achieve my dreams. That’s what each one of us wants for our children.  But, sadly many are losing confidence that the opportunity we had will be there for our children and our grandchildren. Our elected officials in Washington have made things worse by pointing fingers instead of working together to provide solutions. As a State Senator, I am working with Governor Christie and other bipartisan reformers to make the tough decisions necessary to get our State back on track. And we are. Together, we have reformed our overburdening pension system, capped property taxes, and ensured our kids are getting the education they deserve. I’m ready to do the same for you in Washington and work with those on both sides of the aisle to provide the reform necessary so we can create jobs, jumpstart our economy and keep America competitive for generations to come.

Korean Translated Message is also available from here.

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