On November 2nd, 2012, the Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) visited the KCS Senior Center as part of a Get-Out-the-Vote and the NY Election Guidebook distribution campaign.

To help increase awareness for senior citizens with disabilities or limited English proficiency, KACE created a hotline service and distributed 250 copies of the Election Guidebook.

President Dongchan Kim explained the reason for creating this guidebook through questionnaires submitted to local candidates from Congressional District 6, NYS Senate Districts 11/16, and NYS Assembly Districts 25/40. The guidebook was created to empower Korean Americans politically and to raise awareness of the importance of voting in elections by translating English election materials into English.

In addition, KACE distributed its Presidential Election Guidebook as well, stating that Korean Americans' voting rate increases with every presidential election. However, the rate still lags behind that of Americans by at least 10% and it is the community's goal to create a higher voting rate.

Kim emphasized that in Queens, there are many Korean interpreters and poll workers to help senior citizens and that senior citizens should not be scared to cast their ballots.

Kim made several reminders for participating in the elections.

1. Due to the redistricting process, many poll sites were changed. Voters are encouraged to confirm their poll sites or contact KACE for help.

2. The positions up for elections are President, Senate, Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, and judicial titles. There may be differences depending on the area.

3. Within New York City, if the voter moved inside the county but was not able to change his or her address, the voter can vote with an affidavit ballot after explaining the situation to the poll worker. If it is confirmed that the person indeed is eligible to vote, the ballot will be counted and the address will be changed.

4. No matter what happens at the poll site, the voter can choose to vote via the affidavit ballot. If the voter is stopped by poll workers, the voter should report this to KACE at 347-766-5223.

One of the voters asked about changing their party enrollment. Party change takes a year to complete and must be changed before the November general elections. If the party is changed after this year's elections, the party will be changed on the following year.

KCS President Kwang Kim commented that voting is our power, and urged the importance of going out to vote.

Korean American Association of Queens Presiden Jae Yoo also encouraged Korean Americans to vote.

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