(Congressman Scott Garrett with Korean-American Voters' Council staff and Koreans from the 5th District of NJ)                    

On March 23rd, 2012, Congressman
Scott Garrett visited the Korean-American Voters’ Council (KAVC) and held a
press conference directed towards the Korean-American community. He is
currently serving his fifth term as Congressman for the 5th District
of New Jersey since 2002.


The 5th District includes Bergen County, Passaic County, Sussex County, and a part of Warren County.  The 5th District, in which

there are 4,606 Korean voters, is where the most Korean voters live after the 9th
District of New Jersey. The towns in which most Korean voters live within the 5th
District are Paramus (487 voters), Tenafly (398 voters), Closter (383 voters),
Cresskill (287 voters), and Norwood (245 voters).


(Congressman Scott Garrett answering questions from reporters)


Congressman Scott Garrett is the Chairman of
the Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored Enterprises on the
Committee on Financial Services and is the Vice-Chairman of the Committee on
the Budget.

Congressman Scott Garrett has shown
in reaching out to the Korean-American community by
personally visiting the
Korean-American Voters’ Council (KAVC) and Korean churches multiple times. Congressman
Garrett has taken interest in issues of New Jersey Koreans and has also taken
interest in maintaining the US-Korea relationship. In fact, he is one of the
representative pro-Korea Congressmen who have actively pursued
resolutions/legislations such as “Opposition of Repatriation of North Korean
Refugees”, “Comfort Women Resolution”, and “The US-Korea Alliance
Re-Affirmation Resolution”. In 2010, he
decisively contributed to the
passing of the “Recognition of Korean Merit Resolution”.

Scott Garrett also responded to questions regarding the appointment of Yong Kim
(former President of Dartmouth University), who was appointed as the President of
the World Bank on that day, by saying it was positive news and was expecting to
hear more specific information about the appointee. In addition to this, the
Congressman expressed regret at the voting down of New Jersey State Supreme
Court Justice nominee, Phillip Kwon, at a hearing in the Senate Judiciary
Committee, which he called “unprecedented.” He received news in Washington
regarding the event through his secretariat and expressed a position of
disappointment over the denial of Phillip Kwon’s nomination.

Garrett, being aware that many residents of the 5th District are
facing economic hardships, introduced the ‘Jumpstart Our Business Startups
(JOBS) Act’ as a method for economic recovery. The JOBS Act is a law meant to
increase jobs by increasing investment and developing startups and small
self-employed businesses, and barring any surprises, should pass within the
month and predicted that the law should show concrete effects by the end of the

In addition,
he actively explained the misunderstandings he received while serving as the
Chairman of the Committee on Financial Services. To a question asking if
serving as the Chairman of the Committee on Financial Services is representing
the benefit of Wall Street, he answered “partly yes, but mostly no”. As the
Chairman of the Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored
Enterprises (The Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored
Enterprises regulates large financial corporations.), he said that because he
meets many people and receives information regarding the financial industry, it
could ‘look’ as if he was representing the benefits of large financial
corporations. Also, he explained that because many people who work in Wall
Street reside in Bergen County and other places within his District, issues on
Wall Street in part becomes an issue for his District as well. He also added
after the Wall Street financial crisis, the Committee in which he is
responsible for is taking responsibility for the proper reconfiguration the US
economy facing difficulties.


Congressman Garrett, who is famous for being a faithful Christian, asserted
that the church should actively participate in politics. He mentioned that in
the Bible, many disciples and prophets always sought the audience of the king
or another figure of authority to talk about issues within the community. Congressman
Garrett said that the church must strive to take more interest in politics and
thanked the people who pursued this matter.

Also in
response to a question regarding the voters’ campaign, he revealed that although
the opinions of the voters that are spoken in phone visits/town hall meetings
are important, the most important thing is voicing opinions through votes at
the polls is the best and most effective way to voice opinions. Lastly,
Congressman Garrett said that through his ten years of experience as a
Congressman, he knows many Koreans and that he is truly thankful to them.

This year’s
primaries and the general election will be Congressman Garrett’s sixth



(Congressman Scott Garrett listening to the stories of the Koreans)

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