“Citizens for Phillip Kwon” meets 10AM every Wednesday, at FGS-KCC in Englewood to plan petition drives and the campaign efforts. If you want to participate, contact KAVC to attend the meeting.


In order for Phillip Kwon to become a Supreme Court Justice, he needs to be confirmed by at least twenty-one State Senators. Currently, the Korean American community is urging Senators from both Democratic and Republican parties to support Phillip Kwon.

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[KAVC President Dongchan Kim expresses his gratitude to the Bergen County Freeholders]

In Bergen County where many Korean Americans reside, Freeholder John Driscoll’s “Resolution Supporting the Nomination of Phillip H. Kwon to the NJ Supreme Court” passed through consent on February 15th. Thanks to Mr. Mitchell, the matter regarding Phillip Kwon was discussed before the introduction of other matters in the County meeting. KAVC President Dongchan Kim and FGS-KCC President Kye Ma were given the opportunity to speak for the Korean American community. Kim and Ma thanked the Board of Freeholders and asked for their full support for Phillip Kwon. Bergen County Freeholders’ decision is expected to influence state senators from Bergen County greatly. Bergen County’s John Sarlo, Loretta Weinberg, and Robert Gordon’s support is greatly needed and a second letter urging their support will be sent out this week. Weinberg’s support is greatly needed to make this happen as she is the leader of the New Jersey Democratic Party. It is essential that Korean Americans keep pressing their state senators via phone, fax, and email to demand support for Phillip Kwon. Phillip Kwon will meet Senator Paul Sarlo (D-36) next week and Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37) the week after in person.


Citizens for Phillip Kwon aims to collect at least ten thousand signatures before the Senate nomination hearings in March. The petitioning effort is done both in paper and online. As of February 15th, about 500 signatures were collected on paper and about 300 online. Paper petitions were collected from New Jersey community leaders, Fort Lee Korean American Association, senior homes, and churches. Petitions can be completed at any of the organizations listed below or by contacting KAVC to receive the form directly. Online petitions can be accessed through www.kavc.org or www.ipetitions.com/petition/citizensforkwon. More information can be obtained through www.facebook.com/citizensforkwon or www.twitter.com/citizensforkwon.


For more information, contact KAVC at 201-488-4201 or email to kavcny@gmail.com.

Citizens for Phillip Kwon is looking for support from Korean American churches. If you can receive signatures as a volunteer at churches and senior homes, contact the KAVC.

* Leaders and organizations supporting Phillip Kwon.

Korean American Voters’
Council, Jun Choi, FGS-KCC, Korean American Association of Fort
Lee, Korean American Senior Citizens 
Association, Asian
Pacific American Lawyers’ Association of New Jersey, Korean American
Lawyers Association of Greater New York, Korean American Medical
Association, Korean Drycleaners’ Association of New Jersey, Korean
Pastors’ Association, Korean Produce Association, Korean American
Association of Central New Jersey, The Greater Southern New Jersey Korean
American Association, Donghwa Cultural Foundation, Asian Women’s
Christian Association, Jesus Sarang Church, The Korean American
Association of Palisades Park, Community Affairs of Palisades Park, Bergen
County Korean American Parents Association, Korean American Friendship
League The Voice of Korean Americans, Yeshua University, Korean
School of New Jersey, Joining East & West as Educational Liaisons,
Michael Yoon, Andrew Hahn, Jeffrey Woo, Taeyong Lee, and seniors from Jersey
City Senior Apartment and 505 North Ave Senior Apartment in Fort Lee.

NEW YORK OFFICE: 163-10 NORTHERN BLVD. #307 FLUSHING, NY 11358 TEL: (718) 961-4117 FAX: (718) 961-4603