Since 2006, KACE has been providing innovative internship and training opportunities to the young generations of our community. The Grassroots Internship and Activist Training is designed to educate participants about the grassroots activism, which includes, but not limited to, outreaching & organizing the community, grassroots lobbying, techniques to utilize media & social networks. Alumni of these programs are playing important roles in our community and the U.S society.

Grassroots Internship

  • To educate and foster tomorrow’s community leaders, KACE holds “Grassroots Internship Program” for high school and college students
  • Annually, over 30 interns participated in various community grassroots projects for thirty-six weeks from April to November
  • Through the program the interns cultivate rich cultural and social identity to be responsible and confident member of the U.S society
  • The interns have conducted an important role in KACE’s civic empowerment programs at the same time, assigned a community advocacy project by they own research. The interns deal with community issues and work with the local government or politicians to resolve the community problems for community development (e.g., NJ State Korean Voter Registration Form and Comfort Women Memorial Project)
  • Due to the interns’ excellent contribution for the local community and the U.S society, KACE’s interns have received Presidential Volunteer’s Service Awards, Community Service Commendations from the U.S Senator, Congressmen, State Assemblymen, and City Council

Summer Activist Training

  • KACE has provided Grassroots Summer Activist Training since 2012 and participants for the program are the Korean American community leaders or activists form nation-wide in the U.S.
  • The Grassroots Summer Activist Training Program provides a unique opportunity to learn vital skills and techniques to organize the Korean American community to develop networking with other community organizers over the nation
  • KACE educates participants about community organize, grassroots activities and lobbying, utilizing media & SNS, and leadership skills

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