For the September 13, 2012 New York State Primary Elections, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) held a voter hotline service from 6AM to 8:30PM.

This election was the first election held after the New York State Redistricting process, and caused various problems for voters at poll sites.

A vast majority of callers were confused about where to go to cast their ballots. Many voters went to their local poll sites just to find that their names were not on the rosters. Through the hotline, they were able to find their new poll sites.

Board of Elections of the City of New York did not prepare enough for the confusion that was caused by relocated poll sites and new district lines.

1. Confusion from the poll sites were caused because the Board of Elections did not specifically note the changed poll sites on the annual mailer.

2. Poll workers were not educated properly, and that intensified problems even more.

3. The Board of Elections did not create a special hotline to alleviate such problems and did not prepare for such problems at the poll sites.

One voter moved to a different address in Queens County and went to vote at the poll site assigned to the new address. However, the poll worker did not advise the voter about the affidavit ballot and told the voter to go over to his old poll site to vote. As a result, this voter was not able to cast his ballot. One voter voted as a Democrat for several years, but when she went to the poll site on September 13, her party affiliation was changed to Republican, hindering her from voting for her candidate.

There were several cases where voters went to the poll sites, but their poll sites were closed. This was because there weren't any candidates running in their districts. Senior citizens were especially affected by the sudden change of poll sites.

There were voters who were still not fully informed about primary elections. Some were not aware that one cannot vote in a primary unless he or she is enrolled in a party. Some did not change their addresses as soon as they moved.

KACE received about 100 phone calls on the date.

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