On October 12, 2012, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) held Englewood Cliffs Council Candidate Debate.

All four Englewood Cliffs Council candidates participated in this Debate, held at Englewood Cliffs Lion’s Club from 7pm to 8pm. The debate format was composed of the Opening Statement, Moderator Session, Audience Question Session, and Closing Statement. KACE chose some mostly discussed issues from the media and the residents and asked questions related to the issues.

Democrat Candidate- Joe Favaro(Incumbent) & Nora Seoane-Jobson

Republican Candidate- Carrol McMorrow(Incumbent) & Ramon Ferro

Q1: Plan to help Korean Americans and other ethnic minority to receive the services that Englewood Cliffs Boro government provide

Republican: Should create a Diversity Committee for an outreach program to educate the community, learning about each others cultures, and making a better place. Put efforts to Korean Americans get elected and work in the boro government.

Democrat: Have been helping Korean Americans get elected and work in the boro governmen. Encourage Korean Americans’s active participation in the community. Created a Korean town website by the end of this year. Will Work with LG to outreach Korean American community

Q2: Opion on red light camera

Repulican: Should educate the residents first about the camera if it is for ensuring the residents’ safety. Should be a big and clear sign to advise people to stop.

Democrat: A person’s life is important and camera was recommended to us, so red light camera is worth to have it. More studies need to be done on this, and if it is found that the cameras are ineffective, will be removed.

Q3: Opinion on LG’s building and zoing change issue 

Republican: LG is a wonderful corporation. We should be honored that their headquarter will be here. If a company applied this, it will go to planning board not the council. Still, many people in town should be more inovled into the decision-making.

Democrat: We welcome LG’s headquaters to come. Taxes will drop, create 1800 jobs, and rescue us from the economic difficulty.

Q4: Siren contract example. Plan to increase the transparency of the borough government 

Republican: Not blame anybody for what happened. Need to figure out as a group to solve this. Transparency wise, in this year, only one budget meeting was open to the public. We will work on the government transparency.

Democrat: The siren problem was not transparent for the simple reason that it was complicated and no one did what they were supposed to do. Proper and qualified people for the proper work were fired and lost the transparency.

Question from Audience: Plan to lower the tax

Republican: The tax increased because of lack of government transparency and not accepting the residents’ opinions. Will work on lowering the tax.

Democrat: The tax increased because of the deficit and interest. We will keep stable the tax and manage the government budget efficiently.


All four candidates said that they will do their best to help Korean Americans’ political participation and community engagement. On this debate, about 100 residents came.


The following link is to an article covering the candidate debate :

North Jersey News

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