On September 23, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) and the Korean American Association of Central New Jersey held a 2012 election campaign at the Praise Presbyterian Church in Somerset, NJ. Voter registrations and vote-by-mail awareness campaigns were conducted as well. However, through this event, KACE was able to find out the fact hat many NJ voters still did not fully understand the vote-by-mail procedure.

For New Jersey, the state government encourages the 'vote-by-mail' procedure, through which voters can fill out a ballot and vote by mail from home or work. In California, the vote-by-mail procedure is so widespread that it comprises 60% of the total ballots collected. To give voters the time to think about the decisions they will make instead of hurriedly marking the ballots at the poll sites, New Jersey encourages the procedure as well.

Voters still believe that when their addresses are changed, their voter registration address will be changed as well. For example, one voter moved from California but did not receive any notice from the Board of Elections, and was not aware of where to register to vote. When one changes their driver licenses at the Motor Vehicles Department, voter registrations can be completed as well, but not many people read the instructions and just pass over it. Also, when a voter does not vote in the general elections for two years, the voter record is placed into the archives and is marked "Inactive." When this happens, the Board of Elections does not send sample ballots. IF this is the case, the voter can visit the poll site and vote to change his or her status.

November 6th is the election day for 2012. Many voters are still not aware of the fact that other positions were up for polls as well. In New Jersey, one federal senate seat is open, and all of the Congress positions are up for election. In addition, elected position up for the polls differ at every town.

During this campaign, 31 new voter registration form were collected and 17 new vote-by-mail registration forms were received.

The Korean American Association of Central New Jersey invited KACE and the Republic of Korea National Election Commission.

To inquire about 2012 Election information, register to vote, or vote-by-mail, contact KACE at 201-488-4201.


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