The Greater New York Support 121 Coalition visited the Capitol on May 10th with members of the Korean American community from New York and New Jersey. On this day, 12 Representatives agreed to support House Resolution 121.
As of May 11th, five Representatives sponsored the Resolution and the names of seven Representatives will be added to the list sometime next week.

President Dongsuk Kim stated that all eyes are on Tom Lantos (CA-12), the Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

The following Representatives signed the resolution on May 10th.

Rep Olver, John W. [MA-1] – 5/10/2007
Rep Pallone, Frank, Jr. [NJ-6] – 5/10/2007
Rep Costa, Jim [CA-20] – 5/10/2007
Rep Delahunt, William D. [MA-10] – 5/10/2007
Rep Gonzalez, Charles A. [TX-20] – 5/10/2007

On May 11th, three more Representatives signed the Resolution, making the total number of signatories to 120.
Carol Shea-Porter      (NH-1)
Earl Blumenauer
Dan Lipinski (Illinois)

This campaign has created a miracle despite the lack of network, funds, and lobbying experience.
KAVC has concentrated its full efforts on the Greater New York Support 121 Coalition and helped create coalitions in Washington, DC, and California. This is also a result of KAVC working together with several key representatives of the Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues and the Greater California Support 121 Coalition, and moving forward with carefully planned strategies.

Rep. Michael Honda thanked KAVC for getting 120 signatories as promised for this resolution and marveled at the effectiveness of grassroots campaigning.

The following are the people who went to Washington with KAVC.

Haemin Chung (Greater NY Support 121 Coalition Co-Chair, KAVC Board Chair)
Seon Jeong Lee, Esq.
Chang Jong Kim
Dong Suk Kim (KAVC President)
Choon Whe Goo
Rev. Seung Moon Lee
Sang Su Park
Wonsoon Choi
Jea Ok Choi
Mi Ok Lee
Hea Sun Lee
Sun Young Lee
Jung Hae Lee
Jae Ryung Lee
Esther Lee (President, Korean American Assoc. of Flushing)
Dongin Cho (Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce Chair)
Hosung Park (30th President, Korean American Assoc. of Greater NY)
Sook Hwan Chun
Hyun Kyu Lee
Seung Kul No (Vice President, ROK Navy Association Eastern Branch)
Kyung Yoon Choi
Sung Min Kim
Jin Hee Kim
Byungwook Cho(President, Youngnam Association)
Young Tae Lee
Chejin Park, Esq.(Program Director, KAVC)
Heybhin Kim
Chunhee Kim
Dino Kim
Eun Kyung Kim
Jae Soup So
Young-hoi Kim (Former President, Korean Produce Association)
Jiwon Kim (Reporter, Radio Korea)

Also, 10 members of the Washington Support 121 Coalition were present for this occasion.

The transportation was sponsored by Dongbu Tour.

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